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Training Walks

Our training walks are a very popular program and are customized to meet your dog training needs.  Clients that benefit most from this type of training service are:

  • New puppy owners in need of someone to provide a midday potty break and help reinforce good manners while learning to perfect loose leash walking skills

  • People in downtown St. Pete who need help teaching their dog skills required for condo living such as elevator etiquette, polite greetings, passing other dogs in close proximity, and city-living in general.

  • Dog owners who are frustrated with a distracted dog or struggle with leash reactivity and need help so they can enjoy walking their dog again. 

  • Busy people needing help with consistency who can benefit from a trainer’s years of experience.

What you can expect:

  • An initial session with client and dog to review a training plan, access to home/key exchange, and an introduction walk. 

  • 12 sessions, 50 minutes each

  • Scheduled 2-3 times per week M-TH between the hours of 9:30-2:30

  • Text/video updates

  • Progress report

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