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Train your dog while keeping it FUN!

At St. Pete Dog Works, our mission is to help you create a strong foundation that allows you to establish and maintain a happy and healthy relationship with your dog while teaching him the basics of living a well-mannered life.


J. Winterbottom

I met Heather at a dog show and was impressed with her observations of my dog’s behavior. I had tried various training venues to minimize my dog’s reactivity and build her confidence, but most methods were ineffective cookie cutter solutions. Heather is patient and knowledgeable and provides training tools I can use every day. Her method of training is comfortable and socially  interactive. We will be definitely enroll in future courses. 

J. Balistreri

My wife and I have had a phenomenal experience with St. Pete Dog Works - we couldn't recommend them, and especially our trainer, Debbie, more highly. Working with Debbie, both in group classes and 1:1 settings, has been the biggest reason for our success with our puppy - and without her, there's a real chance we could've ended up giving him back to the breeder. Debbie is extremely passionate about dogs and dog training, she has decades of experience, and truly cares about us and our dog - we've been continually blown away by her dedication and generosity since we started working with her. And she's become a friend to us in the process. We feel very fortunate to have found such a wonderful trainer, and if you're looking to have the best possible relationship with your dog, you've come to the right place.

K. Mills

My husband and I knew we wanted to get a Great Dane however I was a little bit intimidated by the size of this breed.  We have owned several dogs prior to owning a Great Dane, but I knew that the rapid growth of a Great Dane puppy one needs to be on top of their training to be able to live happily with a dog so large!   Once we did get our Great Dane puppy, we began working with Heather and her help and guidance was incredible right from the start.  We did a combination of once a week in home training with us present and our puppy going to Heather’s place for additional training with other dogs and socializing him even more than what he was receiving from us. 

Heather was extremely organized, presented her plan for each visit, had my husband and I practice the skills and then followed up with written reports to again explain step by step the skills we were to work on at the moment with our dog.  If anything arose behaviorally, Heather was quick to respond and to help us work with positive reinforcement to remove any negative behaviors so we could work through quickly to extinguish them.  We are so happy with our experience with Heather, her techniques to train and socialize our dog have been beneficial in laying the ground work for a happy home life.  We are very grateful for Heather, her knowledge, experience and her love of dogs is definitely apparent.  We still keep in touch and our dog loves to go to her place for play dates!  

P. Soltoff

Nine months ago, we welcomed our fifth Wheaton into our family. Along the way, we've had good and bad trainers. Wheatens are fantastic family dogs, but due to their terror nature, they require expert training to recognize their potential. We're so happy we found Heather Morris, the founder of St. Pete Dog Works. She embraces something you do with your dog, not to your dog. She tailors her training to what your individual needs are. Plus, her knowledge and understanding of our dog's body language are extraordinary, and her positive and progressive techniques deliver outstanding results. We enjoy every session with Heather and highly recommend her.

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