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One-on-One Training Options

Training is an investment and meeting your training goals should be FUN!

During our one on one training sessions, we typically work with our clients in one of the following ways listed below.  We always start with an initial session to ensure we’re a good fit for one another.  During the initial session we get to know you and your dog, confirm your training goals, develop a plan to help you manage unwanted behaviors, and recommend the best way to move forward to meet those goals. 



Furry Dog


Image by Baptist Standaert


Day Training Sessions are a client favorite!  In these sessions the trainer does all the heavy lifting by working directly with the dog.  No need for the owner to learn a new skill set, instead utilize a professional trainer’s years of experience and expertise to yield faster and more effective results.  Sessions are typically one hour in duration scheduled multiple times per week.  Text/video updates are provided and once foundational skills are established transfer sessions are scheduled with the owner to provide guidance incorporating these newly acquired skills into daily life to  maintain behavior.

Signature Program - Exciting details coming soon.....

Private Training is scheduled with the owner (and dog) present.  These coaching sessions are typically one hour in duration and the frequency depends on your training goals.  Email follow ups are provided for guidance & support as you continue to work with your dog

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